Midgley, Julia

escapefromplynth-100Julia Midgley
Drawing / Reportage ( Documentary Drawing) / Printmaking – etching / Painting


Julia Midgley


Dip A.D.    Fellow Royal Society Painter Printmakers ( R.E.)     Reader  Documentary Drawing, LJMU

Drawing / Reportage ( Documentary Drawing) / Printmaking – etching / Painting

Julia Midgley is an artist / printmaker resident in the North West of England.

A figurative artist, she works predominantly on paper drawing subject matter from direct observation.
Most recently her name has been associated with Documentary Drawing/ Reportage.

Julia’s work features in public, private, and corporate collections in the UK and abroad.
A frequent exhibitor at the Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition she is the recipient of National awards for drawing, painting, and printmaking.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, R.E. , and Reader in Documentary Drawing at Liverpool School of  Art & Design, Liverpool John Moores University, she is also member and past Vice President of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts.
Julia was a Council member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers 2004/ 05

The documentary work reflects an engagement with live action. Recording activities as they take place she becomes a fly on the wall.  Drawing is the bedrock of her professional activity.  It aims to describe with accuracy and economy the subject matter as witnessed.

Reportage commissions/projects take the form of Residencies.  Since 2007 as a member of Artists+Archaeology  
http://www.artistsinarchaeology.org she has been embedded within
The Stonehenge Riverside Project.  From 1997 -1999 she was Artist in Residence to the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust.  

Four publications about her documentary residencies have been published:-

“ Drawn from Experience”  1999 pub. LJMU & Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital Trust
isbn 0 9523161 07
“ Granada Sketchbook”       2001 pub. LJMU  isbn 0 9253 16161
“ Blackpool Pleasure Beach – A Palette of Life”   2002  Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd isbn 0 9514677 4 3
“Amphitheatre”          2005  pub. Chester City Council isbn 1 872 587 186


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ellensdesk palisades
Ellens Desk ‘Palisades’
gallopingangel masque
Galloping Angel ‘Masque’
escapefromplynth morningrun
Escape from Plinth’ Morning Run


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