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Paul Meeks



BA(Hons) Illustration

Painter and Digital Illustrator


  I’m a 28 year old artist and illustrator living in Liverpool.

I’ve recently relocated from Hereford where I spent the last 10 years, initially at college getting my degree and then working freelance as an artist and illustrator.

My work tends to vary between painting and illustration with some cartoon work and writing thrown in occasionally. My preferred painting medium is oil as you can either work fast and loose or keep re-working until its just right. Oils also result in much better depth and colour. For illustration I usually combine watercolours with digital elements. I use watercolours for their immediacy and freshness. When the unpredictability of watercolour is combined with the tightly controlled accuracy of digital the results can be truly amazing. It also helps to avoid the static, generic look of some digital art today.

As a painter I usually work back and forth between abstract and representational work with the abstract tending to be done in either oils or pastels, which I discovered for the first time a couple of years ago and have loved using ever since. My representational work is done in either oils acrylics or watercolours. I paint everything from Landscapes/Cityscapes to Still Life and animals. More recently I have begun to work more and more with portraits.


  My current projects include the continuation of 2 main ongoing series’ of images and the development of my new web site as well as beginning to look for new commission and exhibition opportunities in Liverpool.

1). OBJECTIVITY – This is an ongoing series of abstract paintings that, more often than not, take digital photographs of small details of everyday objects as their starting point. The finished painting rarely looks like the original image as they usually take on a life of their own and there’s no real telling where its going to end up.

2). LIVERPOOL – This will be an ongoing series of paintings of the local area starting in the city center and gradually working my way out towards other areas of the city and the surrounding area. I plan to attempt to capture the true spirit of the city and the diverse range of people who live within.

3). WEB SITE – My new web site is now up and running at I’ve built this site from the ground up with my own bare hands, learning how to hand code the HTML as I went. I now intend to carry on trying to learn new skills that I can apply to it to make it better and to also improve my web design skills in general.

  As well as showing my work on my own web site I’ve previously exhibited at the Art in Heaven gallery in Llanwarne, Herefordshire and at Frame-Up in Hereford over the past few years selling many paintings and a great many prints.

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‘THE AWAKENING’ – Watercolour and Digital
‘THE DEPTHS OF DELIGHT’ – Oil on Canvas Board
‘NAN’ – Oil on Canvas
‘OWL TAKING FLIGHT’ – Watercolour and Digital
‘JACK’ – Oil on Canvas