McAvoy, Kathleen

Oil and fire

My pieces are based on oil rigs that catch fire and start to leak out oil which causes pollution. When oil leaks out it coats everything all the rocks and sand if the oil washes in two coastal marshes mangrove forests or other wetlands, fibrous plants and grasses absorb the oil, which can damage the plants and make the whole area unsuitable as wildlife habitat.

After the oil will stop floating on the surface of the ocean and begins to sink into the marine environment and can have a severe impact on fragile underwater ecosystems killing and contaminating many fish and small organisms that are essential to the food chain.

I have got a couple of photos that I found from the Internet of oil rigs on fire and also leaking oil into the ocean.

You can see the orange and the black mixing together. This is where I got my inspiration for my pieces. I hope my glass pieces serve as a reminder that the oil we use every day can devastate the environment and the animals that live in it.

The only downside to my glass pieces is the carbon footprint that it creates. A lot of gas is needed to heat the glory hole and also the furnace. This is why I have tried to use recycled glass in my piece the orange and black colour that you see have been recycled from other projects that I have worked on.

This piece was for clime week at the  Manchester University School of Art.
 Mark Kennedy came in as a special guest, and agreed to be photographed with me.


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