Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Mazurek, Caz

Caz is a Michigan native, an American lassy, that finds herself now residing in England. She has been into art for almost the entirety of her life thus far. Caz is certified in Graphic Design along with being an artist, writer and devoted mother.

The work she is ready to share is very near and dear to her and, in it’s totality, it is the representation of many years of her own personal experiences where matters of the heart are concerned.

She is very excited for everyone to see her ‘babies’.

“Love has always been my muse and a very powerful, passionate, inspiring drive behind my work…the complexities of the emotions felt; disappointment, elation, rejection, and intoxicating sweetness. I also draw inspiration from madness on occasion. But what is love if not madness. To me, figuring out what ‘true love’ is and if it does actually exist has been just as much of an obsession throughout my whole life as the need to express how it affects me emotionally through my work.” -CAZMAZ