Lund, George

George Lund

A fine artist incorporating a colourist Naive style and abstract works.Creativity was expressed as a child and became self taught in early adult hood towards a unique and distinct approach. Twenty years later studied at Bradford University during which my practice ranged from mixed media, paints,screen printing that evolved into an infusion and explosion of vibrancy that the artwork has become renowned for. Other work has included live art and performance, as the infamous “Funkadelic Chicken” an adaption from my hybridized creatures embodied in the works and philosophical texts on the theme and title ” Animal Utopia” The artwork incorporates abstractions of space and time and refernce of hybridism,urbanism, juxaposed to concept of natural order. Have exhibited and performed extensively through many festivals, exhibitions, biennials.

Working towards another future exhibition at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral 8 – 15 August 2014.


  1. Hi George,
    I’m the Careres Officer from Belfast for whom you took time out from your busy drawing of the Chapel in the Anglican Cathedral on Tues 1st. I was marvelling afterwards at the fact that you were doing an architectural drawing without a safety net – i.e you didn’t put in the perspective lines that an Architectural student would have used to pin the drawing to. A highwire act which needed a lot of confidence and skill- as well as good eyesight on a very overcast day. I appreciated the commentary on Liverpool Cathedral- I get your style now, having read the above comments and on your other web site. Good luck and thanks for the postcard.

    P.S. Keep an eye out for the new Metropolitan Arts Centre in Belfast, opening in Feb/Mar 20012. There will be a welcome addition to the Arts exhibition space available to artists from here and beyond.


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