Lord, Amy

imageAmy Lord,
Live Art/Performance/Video



Amy Lord

  BA(HONS) Theatre and Performance Design
Grade 8 Piano

Live Art, Video, Installation, Performance


I have worked in a variety of disclipines including acting, music, set design, costume dsign, puppetry and make up but have recently found my true passion lies in creating Live Art, making a tangible and delicious interactive experience for an audience.

Self-exploration and that of others inspires me to be expressive and reach out to people I haven’t met yet. I’m interested in the dark instincts of human nature and society, but also those little things that makes life a bit magical and makes us realise we are all connected by a very fine thread…

My latest solo project was ‘Food For Thought’ at Tito’s in Liverpool. I transformed the wreck of a restaurant into a new, exciting space, through which the audience wandered, observed, experienced and ate. The piece was a personal reaction to our diet-obsessed culture using photography, video projection, performance art and installation. For footage of the evening please contact me.

  In the future I would like to collaborate with other North West artists to create original and controversial live / performance / intervention art. If you have an open mind and a free spirit I want to hear from you.
  Recent work includes:
‘Show me Stereo’ @ Carling Academy – Venue design and installations
‘Wrongdezvous’ @ Carling Academy – Performance Art for club event
‘That Leaving Feeling’ – Music Video for Stuart Staples directed by Martin Wallace ; Production assistant and set design
OISTAT conference @ Nottingham Trent – Live Art installation

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Amy Lord – Performer and Musician
‘Food For Thought’ – live performance art
OISTAT installation – Site specific with audience interactivity
‘Food For Thought’ – Live eating
Some of the Puppets I have Brought To Life
‘Show Me Stereo’ at Carling Academy