Lloyd, David

David Lloyd
I specialise in realistic human and pet portraiture using Ink, Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal.  Commissions are welcome and available in all shapes and sizes.

I have always been interested in drawing and painting and graduated from a B.A. Honours Fine Art Degree at LJMU in 2000. Since that time I have continued to draw and paint whilst teaching English and some Art in Taiwan.

I appreciate and take inspiration from all different types of art and creative people with a positive “ let’s do it “ attitude. Skateboarding, travel and laughter are also big influences and I like to use the world around me as the starting point for my work. This could be myself, family, friends, acquaintances, situations or the effects of nature.

My work has always been representational and figurative and I work from both life and photographs. I try to capture the physicality, feeling, mood and emotion of the subject through realism. I am always interested in the journey and struggle of trying to create and realise a piece of work. I love how a piece can take on a life of it’s own as it develops from a blank canvas into a finished work.

Through my landscape works, I am learning about the many different effects of light, colour, and composition. I try to capture the atmosphere and feelings of the moment and environment. I like to use both natural and man-made objects for the subject of these works.

My portraits and figurative works are based on memorable moments and people. I like to use strange or interesting expressions and try to capture personality, character, mood and emotion, and re-create funny or memorable moments. I do this because life is short and family, friends, enjoyment and laughter are very important to me. I also really like the challenge of trying to re-create the tones and colours found in skin and animal’s fur.


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