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Angela Louise Lloyd





Art and Design, Grade A, A level
Textiles, Grade C, A Level
Art and Design, Grade Distinction, Btec National Diploma




For inspiration I look everywhere. Several subjects include flowers, fruits, animals, the human body, and architecture. I tend to draw things on a much larger scale and use several different mediums on each piece. I like paying attention to small things which are often overlooked.

I do have my own personal website (see above) which has more work of different styles, meduims and even garments.


  You can now see more and buy prints on Angela’s own website www.angelalloyd.co.uk

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated

Red Tiger Lily
 This is a close up observation of a Red Tiger Lily done using acrylic paint. It is vibrant and striking, with the colours mixing and melting together. I focused on the cuvaceous petals and the patterns on them. Its size would easily make it an excellent focal point in any living/dining room or bedroom.

Tartan/ Paisley Skirt
A unique and one off skirt. It is a combination of ripped up fabrics sewn back together to make somthing new, and worked over with print, bleach, free hand sewing and transferred images. The skirt is to fit a size 10. I do have several other pictures of some areas of detail, so please enquire if you wish to see them.

This is a large batik piece done on fabric. I used the wax resist method to outline the initial shape, then embellished it with stitch and oil pastel to highlight areas of intricate detail. There is also tissue paper collage, mosaic, string stencil printing, and acrylic paint. There is so much detail on this piece that the photographs do it no justice. I do have pictures that zoom in on some areas of detail. If you would like to see any of these, please ask.
This fabric piece was dervived from photographs, life sketches, drawings and prints I did of St. Lukes Church in Liverpool. The Church was destroyed during World War One

I looked closely at the surface pattern of an exotic pineapple fruit. I blew up one ’tile’ on the fruit, something which is no bigger than an inch to A1 size. I built up texture using soluble ink and washes. I then used oil pastels to achieve the initial outline and block in colour detail. Mixing PVA with acrylic paint I highlighted areas. It would save on the postage if I posted the piece unframed, however framing is available at an extra cost, depending on the frame type needed. The piece is done on high quality cartridge paper and does not need to be mounted.
St Lukes Church, Liverpool (screenprint).
Three duplicated screenprints of St Lukes Church, done side-by-side. There is a combination of techniques layered over including stitch, oil pastel, string stencil and acrylic paint. The piece is mounted on quality card, but is still suitable for framing. 
A life study sketch of male model Yohan. It is done on white A1 paper, and using a stick and ink. Using this type of method gives a more free hand approach, with free flowing, etchy lines.