Lisney, Dani

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Dani Lisney


BA (hons) from Liverpool Hope University

Sculpture & Installation


My work is usually produced in response to a space, either being made to be displayed as an integral part of it or inspired by the qualities of it, such as light, sound and signs of past usage. More recently I have shifted to investigating form, especially the transformation from 2 to 3 dimensions. I have explored in particular circles and spheres, which have become a symbol of perfection and tranquillity. I have been fascinated by the impossibility of creating a perfect circle freehand and see this quest as a metaphor for the way many people live their lives, in constant search of perfection.

The repetition of a process in pursuit of perfection has resulted in works made of multiple objects. These show an obsession with and almost addiction to the act of making. Multiples and repetitions are also a basis for life itself: the beating of a heart, inhaling and exhaling breath, blinking of eyes and even the steps we take in order to walk.

Often my work is not made from traditional art materials but from everyday substances such as sugar and paper. This is a reflection of how making art is an essential part of my life and I see everything as a potential material.

  The images shown here are from the Hope University Arts Degree show 2005.

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
Sug & Trough
Untitled 5 – newsprint, caster sugar & steel wire. Diameter 150cms
Untitled 2 (Sug & Trough detail) – galvanised steel, steel wire & mirror.
300 x 15 x 10 cms
Untitled 1: Front – steel wire – 100 cms
Back – cotton fabric, embroidery thread & polystyrene beads – 80 cms
Untitled 4 – newsprint, brown paper, parcel tape, clear tape & willow withies. Roughly 150 x 75 cms
Untitled 3 – herculite (plaster) suspended from a steel grid by fishing line. 90 cms