Christina-Rossetti-100Alice Lenkiewicz
Painting, Drawing, Assemblage, Photography and Video

Alice Lenkiewicz

Master of Arts, Writing Studies, Edge Hill University
1998- 2001
Bachelor of Arts, English and Art and Design, Edge Hill University 

Painting, Drawing, Assemblage, Photography and Video


Alice Lenkiewicz was originally brought up in Plymouth Devon. Her father is the well known, South West artist, Robert Lenkiewicz who painted and supported the homeless. Alice has  lived in Liverpool and the North West with her children for many years.She works part-time and in her extra hours paints and sells her work.

I originally trained as a visual artist and bookbinder, continuing on to study poetry. I develop my visual arts skills through a variety of media and techniques with an emphasis on imaginative painting. The major focus of my work develops spontaneously without any premeditation. I enjoy working quickly from my imagination. My work is  inspired by history, fairytales and our present culture with an emphasis on portraiture and landscape. My practice is multi-disciplinary; Painting, Drawing, Assemblage, Photography and Video.

Further ProjectsThe Toxteth Art Gallery
The Toxteth Art Gallery was originally established on facebook in January 2008. So far the gallery has organised and curated two funded events in Liverpool. It is now a registered company with future opportunities for development and progress. The gallery makes a policy of supporting works of art produced by persons experiencing social or economic disadvantage.
Alice Lenkiewicz
Richard Ashworth

Neon highway Poetry Magazine
The Avant-garde poetry magazine, ‘Neon Highway’ is edited by Jane Marsh and Alice Lenkiewicz. Neon Highway was set up in 2002 as a non profit making little poetry/arts magazine. It has since published many talented known and unknown poets.

Neon Highway is available bi-annually, with 2 issues costing £5.50, or a single Issue available at £3.00. Order your next issue by sending a cheque made out to Alice Lenkiewicz at 37, Grinshill Close, Liverpool, L8 8LD



all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
Christina-Rossetti Kitty-Wilkinson
‘Christina Rossetti’ ‘Kitty Wilkinson’
Gracedarling Liz-Fry
‘Grace Darling’ ‘Liz Fry’
Agnes-Jones Josephine-Butler
‘Agnes Jones’ ‘Josephine Butler’


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