Lawrence, Kristian

Kristian Lawrence

I’m a filmmaker striving to do things differently. I know ironically that’s a cliché but seeing so much of the same thing is part of the reason I wanted to make films for myself. I don’t create without meaning, I believe that film has the power to connect with someone on a profound level yet so often we see the same flashy formula repeated by corporate juggernauts who’s main motivation is money. I set up my company Irregular Galaxy as a reactio n to this, each film I make is created from scratch to tell a particular story, each element from the story itself, the filming, acting, score, design and everything in between is personally developed by myself and occasionally other like-minded artists so that we can take a step back when it’s finished and know we made something truly special. My aim is to re-imagine what a production company can be; progressive, collaborative, telling meaningful stories and giving back.

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