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Mixed Media Painting


Stella Lang




Mixed Media Painting


  I work instinctively, using the elements of heightened emotions, spatial awareness and relevance of source. By using a variety of materials I mix traditional and contemporary methods to create mixed media pieces by allowing the chemicals and materials to react and resist with each other. I develop the emerging piece towards what I am seeing, whereby the canvas can evolve into a 3D structured painting.

Through experimenting in this way my work develops through context of source and the textural surface qualities. My aim is to allow the unpredictability of the elements used, to form and shape their own destiny of which I then try to snatch back control. 

  Currently working on an external mural for a local community/residential space in Kirkby with KHT and Kirkby Arts and Crafts.  Expanding on a body of work which was exhibited in the Liverpool Biennial ‘Liquid’
  ‘Creative Space’ ongoing and permanent (displayed work is in rotation)
‘Up & Coming’ – CUC Novas Centre Liverpool (June/July 2008)
‘Fratelli Deli’ – Liverpool Biennial (2008)
‘Peoples Centre – Liverpool (Nov 2008 – Jan 2009)

Florence Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea (Dec 2009 – subject to funding)
Joint Exhibition, various artists – Mocha Lounge (Feb/March 2009) in collaboration with Capitalists of Culture

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