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Jones, Jason

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Jason Jones






Liverpool born Jason Jones graduated with a Combined Honours degree in Psychology and Fine Art at Liverpool Hope University College and was later employed as an artist in residence up until September 1999. He is now employed as their Fine Art and Design Senior Assistant.

Jason’s work has an origin based on personal experience with nature and it’s chaotic elements, the growth processes, the conflict of forces meeting each other, the anger, tension and more importantly ’emotion’, a binding and important element of the work. The evolving relationship between observation and the act of painting has established an individual style that is unique to Jason.


1999 – Liverpool Hope University College , Department of Fine Art and Design

One Person Exhibitions

  • 1999
    • Ricci Bar Café, Liverpool
  • 2002
    • Domino Gallery, Liverpool
  • 2003
    • The Lower Place , Liverpool
    • Barbetta’s Wine & Tapas Bar, New Brighton
  • 2004 (the Framers) Studio 4 Gallery, the Custard Factory, Birmingham

Group Exhibitions

  • 1999
    • Mac 21 International Art Fair, Malaga, Spain
    • The Chaplaincy Centre, Edinburgh Arts Festival, Edinburgh,
    • The View Gallery, Liverpool,
  • 2002
    • Affordable Art Fair, London,
    • Rainford Gallery, St Helens
  • 2001
    • Museum of the Southwest and ‘Paradiso’, Austin, Midland, U.S.A.
    • Celtic Park, Glasgow
    • Stadshiblioteket, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2002
    • The Domino Gallery, Liverpool
    • The Lower Place, Liverpool Philamonic Hall, Liverpool
    • Mac 21 International Art Fair, Malaga, Spain
    • 2004
    • ‘Winter Exhibition’, The New Gallery, Birmingham
  • 2005
  • Sefton Open, Atkinson Gallery, Southport
  • ‘Valentine’s Exhibition’, Domino Gallery, Liverpool
  • ‘(Un)Titled’, Loop Gallery, Liverpool

    Exhibitors – Craig Atkinson, Derek Culley, Stephen Hitchin, Jason Jones, Christine O’Reilly Wilson, Terry Sullivan

  • West Lancs Open, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk
  • 2006 Dot Art Gallery, Liverpool (Opening Exhibition)
  • 2006 ‘Do as I say, not as I do’, Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Independents Biennial

    Exhibitors – Susan Disley, Peter Dover, Janice Egerton, Lizabeth Gatley, Steve Gatley, Lin Holland, Richard Hooper, Jason Jones, Michelle Jones-Hughes, Dan McBride, Callum Moncrieff, Sara Priesler, Li-Sheng Cheung, Tony Smith, Deno Soteriou, Fiona Ward, Alan Whittaker

  • 2007 ‘Overview 07’ Loop, Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool,

    Exhibitors – Richard Ashworth, Craig Atkinson, Nicole Bartos, Colin Beckett, Derek Boak, Edward Bruce, Michelle Burrows, Terry Duffy, Peter Collins, Peter Corbett, Derek Culley, Fanchon Frohlich, Barbara Jones, Jason Jones, Julie Jones, Steve Hitchin, Vincent Lavell, Sue Milburn, Geoff Molyneux, Callum Moncrieff, Tony O’Connell, Christine O’Reilly Wilson, Nathan Pendlebury, David Powell, Arthur Roberts, Colin Serjent, David Stanley, Terry Sullivan, Jason Thompson

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated

Conflict 11 – Acrylic on paper
(21.5cm x 15cm)

Moment Study 55 – Acrylic on paper
(27cm x 38cm)

Holding The Moment 16 –
Mixed media on canvas (90cm x 122cm)
Holding The Moment 17 –
Mixed media on canvas (149cm x 243.5cm)
Presence 7. 2004, mixed media on canvas
(96.7cm x 122cm)
Presence 13. 2004, mixed media on canvas
(76.5cm x 82cm)
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