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The pseudonym of Naive John enables me to abandon the normal concerns of the fine artist; notably being ‘relevant’, fashionable and cutting edge, and refers also to my self taught painting methods.

My painting style has evolved independently from any modernist avant-garde concerns or ideologies. My paintings are idiosyncratic and symbolic, with occasional flashes of dark humour. They often reveal an obsession with well defined outlines that characterises the drawing style of so called Sunday painters and adolescents. My recent work has combined the mundane with the marvellous, utilising mythology, metaphor and allegory. These dramas are played out on the streets and parklands of Toxteth where I live.

My work has been exhibited extensively in British museums and has recently been purchased for the David Roberts Collection, London.


I am currently exhibiting with the Fellow Travellers group show in Salford Museum which will be travelling on to Reykjavik, Brooklyn and London’s Drill Hall next year.



Manchester Art Show at Urbis, 2003.

Stuckist Punk Victoria Show at the Walker Gallery, Liverpool, 2004.

The Triumph of Stuckism at 68 Hope St. Gallery, 2006.

FellowTravellers Salford Museum, 2007.

Permanent collections: The Hunterian Museum, Scotlan

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‘Children Mature So Quickly These Days’
‘Sefton Park Genetically Modified’
‘Human Vs Mother Nature’
‘The Other’
‘The Rat Race’
‘Toxteth Cherub’