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Jakeman, Leon

imageLeon Ellis Jakeman
Interdisciplinary Artist


Leon Ellis Jakeman


2005 – HND fine art – Liverpool Community College
2006 – LCAD Business StartUp Qualification
2007 – BA(hons) 1st Wirral Met

Interdisciplinary Artist



‘The human condition provides a fundamental source of inspiration within my work. ‘Our’ individual actions and mutual interactions, strategies, and patterns of behaviour offers a matrix of expression that allows me to investigate, display and transmit feelings. I ‘break-down’ my ‘compulsive’ complexity, simplifying my message by means of arrangements and statements. This provides a fertile ground for the exploration of communication, relation, of verbal and non-verbal language. The ‘physical’ sensory aesthetic of the work is critical and operates in parallel with the relevance of my original mental state and thought processes. I use my work and subject matter to question my/our development and exploration within the pattern of life itself. Ultimately I study coping mechanisms, strategies, and patterns within life and our collective moments of ‘interface’. Using memories of space, time and surroundings I address and communicate the everyday pressures and issues that interplay within existence, through wordplay, emotional provocation and human interaction.’

In a general sense there is a cohesive narrative at play within my work yet individually the pieces examine the human condition with all its relevant frustrations and contradictions. I try to address life’s more challenging aspects through the revelation of our, sometimes hidden, collective experience. I try to make the work both ‘familiar’ yet ‘uncomfortable’, inviting yet challenging. Ultimately it’s a therapeutic journey where experience offers a source of inspiration for the emotions and coping strategies which we all commonly share.





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‘Gehirnwasche’ ‘Gehirwasche Line’
Back-to-Five2008 im-a-bastard-get-me-outta-here
‘Back to Five’ 2008 ‘I’m a bastard get me outta here’
leon-jakeman-Give-me-strength2007 Throw-the-Bum-Out-2008
‘Give me Strength’ 2007 ‘Throw the Bum Out’ 2008