Harrison, Mark

monkeypants-100Mark Harrison
Illustration/Caricature/Cartoon style


Mark Harrison




BTEC National Diploma in Design, HND in Imagemaking (specialising in illustration)

Illustration / Caricature / Cartoon style

Freelance illustrator with over 10 years experience.
Drawings are scanned and rendered digitally in Photoshop.

The majority of my illustration work is editorial but I have also worked in the fields of greetings cards, wedding invitations and retirement/leaving cards (caricature), board games, flick book animation, student educational books, promotional advertising, web illustration, cartoon/comic strips.


I had studio space in Arena for 10 years from 1997 when it was situated at Duke Street, became a director from 2005-2007 and now work from home. I am currently plotting various paintings and drawings and have an exhibition at the Unity theatre during November 2009

1999 ‘Arena illustrators showcase’ Eggspace gallery, Liverpool
2006 ‘co-he-sion’ Liverpool Biennial, Arena artists show, Arena House, Duke Street, Liverpool
2007 ‘Canvas Night’ illustration showcase (visuals) at 3345 Parr
Street, Liverpool

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monkeypants-300 monster-250
Colour rough used for acrylic original (photoshop 2009)
‘Monster Illustration Show’
Unity exhibition flyer (photoshop 2009)
rootin-300 artevents-300
‘Rootin Tootin Lootin, Scootin, Shootin and Hootin’
(acrylic on canvas 2008)
‘Art Event Flyers’
Illustrations commissioned by Open Culture & Tate Liverpool (photoshop 2009)
Noel Gallagher – cover illustration for The Guardian Guide (Photoshop 2001) Arnie – illustration published in DHL OnTime magazine (Photoshop 2004)