Hands, Nicola

Nicola Hands
Category(s): Painting (primary),Installation (secondary), Digital Media (tertiary)

Email: Frizzinda@hotmail.com

Qualifications: BA (hons) Fine Art

Artists Statement: My current practice deals with the creation of sacred spaces and the evolution of modern  celebrity obsession and consumer worship. Through the creation of multi-media installations combining ready made merchandise, painstakingly constructed altar pieces, oil paintings and racist kitsch I wish to explore the legacy of colonial Britain. The disparateness of the worlds population has created a revolution which manifests itself in subculture and fandom that confirms a sense of identity and belonging.

News of projects: I am currently based in Victoria Street Studios in Liverpool City Centre

Exhibitions past/future:
Kitsch: Neither Use Nor Ornament, 2010 – Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury
The Final Touch, 2010 – Compton House, Liverpool


Gallery: All images copyright the artist:


Michael – 1


Michael – 2


Michael – 3




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