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I started painting two years ago when it happened to be a very rainy day. I was sick of the monotony of things so I picked up a piece of hardboard from the garage, rummaged through my dads old collection of oils and painted my first masterpiece entitled ‘lost reflection’ Ironically from there, I seemed to find my reflection…or at least I found something that really made me happy. I was hooked.

In all fairness I never did art at school; I never went to a college or University to study it. In fact, my chosen subjects were chemistry and biology, it’s funny how things turn out. The question is, does my untaught hand make my work inferior to the traditional artist? Of course it doesn’t. If anything, it makes my art a more or less perfect representation of myself as a person; my art is a reflection of myself and no amount of teaching can create that.

My favourite medium has to be acrylic, not only does it give me the freedom to express my more flamboyant personality, but it also gives me the boldness and the dexterity to cement all the elements of my art together. I wouldn’t say my art was elegant. I wouldn’t say my art was subtle either…it makes a statement saying ‘I am here, watch me.’ It literally is my personality on a canvas and you can certainly judge the mood I was in by how the painting turns out.

Friends and family certainly see me in every painting and they often comment on how the lines reflect the chaos I create and the colours reflect my need for balance; a subtle balance creating something quite unique and original. Sometimes I will try and create a picture within the painting by using shapes to imitate a certain aspect of life. Other times I will just let my hand guide the way and trust my own instincts.

My work is very flowing in its composition and with this you can never quite judge how the art will be in its finished state. You can almost depict the themes and shapes I have taken from one painting and applied to another to create something completely different. My art is generally dictated by what my hands create on that day and what I can take from that to apply for tomorrow.

My motto in life has always been ‘focus on the more abstract things in life’ (Kirsty Grayem) and I believe that is the key to a fulfilled life. I have applied this to everything I do and my dedication to achieving a successful career as a professional artist has meant that I have needed this ‘focus’ to tear myself away when things have got a bit tough. My inspirations lies in my own self-belief; if you don’t have belief in your own capabilities, how is anybody else going to trust your ability?


  Member of the IAE on e-Bay (exhibition running on May 1st 6am (bst) for 7 days)
Solo exhibition in Morecambe Library in December
One of the artists involved in ‘PromArt’ in Morecambe. Last Sunday of every month showcases local artists painting before your very eyes on Morecambe Promenade!

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‘April Showers’ Acrylic
‘Brown Cream’ Acrylic
‘Looking Ahead’ – Acrylic
‘Gladiator’ Acrylic
‘Stoning Cyan’ Acrylic
‘Total Recall’ Acrylic