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Gouldson, Rebecca

imageRebecca Gouldson,
Metalwork/Sculpture/Wall Work






Rebecca Gouldson



BA Hons Woods, Metals and Plastics. University of Wolverhampton

Metalwork, Sculpture, Wall Work



I create one-off etched wall pieces and sculptural forms from a variety of metals, including copper, gilding metal and silver. Through fine-tuning a variety of etching techniques,

I have developed a rich ‘palate’ of textures to decorate the surface of my metalwork. These expressive surfaces are accentuated by areas of patination, electro-plating and metal leaf.

My ideas stem from the built environment, in particular from the scarred and eroded surfaces of buildings. Towering skyscrapers and the shadows they cast on each other and the landscape, influence the forms and silhouettes of my pieces.



I have just returned from London having exhibited at the new Crafts Council event; ‘Origin’ ‘The London Craft Fair’ at Somerset House, London.

Also recently shown four new sculptural Vessels at ‘SOFA Chicago’; an international collectors show for Sculptural Objects and Functional Art, with the Bluecoat Display Centre 9 – 12 Nov 2006 at Navy Pier, Chicago.

I have recently been awarded the Crafts Council ‘Development Award’


  29 Apr – 10 June ’06 Platform Gallery, Lancs. ‘North of Watford’
16 Jun – 31 Aug ’06 Roger Bilcliffe, Glasgow Design Collection 2006
Aug 18 – Sept 26 ‘06 Red Barn Gallery, Cumbria ‘Object Lessons’
Sept 6 – 15 Oct ’06 Model house Gallery, Wales ‘Solo Showcase’
Nov – Dec 2005 New Ashgate Gallery Winter Exhibition
Nov ’05 – Jan ’06 Gallery Slavik- Vienna Winter Exhibition
Nov – Dec 2005 Bluecoat Display Centre ‘Shock of the New’
October 2005 Chelsea Old Town Hall Chelsea Crafts Fair 2005
June 2005 Preston City Centre ‘Inner City Living’
May 2005 Studio Gallery, Nailsworth Textile Biennale
May 2005 Leeds Craft and Design Centre ‘Expect the Unexpected’
May 2005 Munich, Germany ‘Talente’
February 2005 LMDI ‘Art ‘05’ Showcase
Dec 2004 Katie Jones, London Christmas show
October 2004 Chelsea Old Town Hall ‘Chelsea Crafts Fair 2004’
Spring 2004 The Platform Gallery ‘Connecting with the vessel’
Nov 2003 – Feb 2004 Arts Council NW, Manchester Reception area exhibition
July 2003 Business Design Centre, London Crafts Council ‘One Year On’
Nov 2002 – Jan, 2003 Arts Council W. Midlands, B’ham. Reception area exhibition

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
Etched and Patinated Wall Piece, Electroplated Gilding metal with Gold Leaf, 26cm. 2006
Etched and Patinated Wall Piece, Electroplated Gilding metal, 26cm. 2006
Etched and Patinated Wall Piece, Electroplated Gilding metal, 26cm. 2006
Two Etched and Patinated Square Wall Pieces, Electroplated Gilding Metal, 9cm. 2005
Skyline of Vessels, Etched and Patinated Gilding Metal. Tallest; 25cm. 2002-4

Two Vessels, Etched and Patinated Gilding Metal. Tallest; 15cm. 2002-4

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