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Ceramics & Glass


Sarah Gee



BA(hons) 2:1 Ceramics and Glass

Ceramics / Glass


My passion is pattern and print design, the tableware pieces I create are simple contemporary forms designed to complement the bold prints and patterns which I apply. All my tableware shapes are completely unique to me as I model each plate, bowl, mug etc by hand before creating a mould from them to create multiple items.

The inspiration for my patterns and prints begins with the photographs I take, combined with research into current trends and colours to create unique contemporary patterns and prints. I draw all my patterns by hand and then edit them on the computer, I like to combine the freedom of drawing by hand with the accuracy of editing on the computer.


Each tableware piece has a different combination of pattern components applied to the surface, making every piece completely unique. If you would like me to commission a piece exclusively for you or would like more information about my work please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Please see my website for up to date info on exhibitions

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Baroque Style Pattern Cakestand
image 3 image 4
Freeform Bowl Nesting Bowls
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Starstruck Cup & Saucer Starstruck Set