Gauryte, Daiva

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Daiva Gauryte


2000-2005 Siauliai University, Lithuania – Bachelour’s degree in Fine Arts& Design

2006-2008 Liverpool Hope University – MA by Creative Practice




Currently my practice is focused on the study of various drawing techniques, mainly using pencil, graphite powder, pastels or indian ink. I am exploring the contrast between hard and soft forms, interpretating their relationships and reactions; creating intriguing compositions. I use mainly a scale from white to black using all the tones that can be created between them. The different tones, shadows, and the contrast achieved between light and dark are the key ways in which I shape and present my work

My backround in the theoretical and practical study of Fine Art was moulded during an intensive 5 year academic programme undertaken at Siauliai Universty, Lithuania. My natural ability was developed and focused working with a range of materials, techniques and genres such as: anatomy, portraits, landscapes and still life.

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‘Cold Water’
‘In The Grass’
‘Shadows in Front of Me’