Ingram, Andrew

have_you_closed_the_gates-100Andrew Ingram
Painting / Drawing / Animation


Andrew Ingram



2007 – 2010 Glasgow School of Art, MPhil in Animation Research
2001 – 2006 University of Edinburgh & Edinburgh College of Art, MA Fine Art (Hons) 2.1

Painting / Drawing / Animation

Originally from Liverpool, I have spent the last ten years in Scotland. Graduating in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art, I then moved into animation at Glasgow School of Art with the intention of taking the environments created in my 2D work and bringing them to life; recreating the subject matter of my paintings and expanding elements of humour and surrealism into a 3D format.Key influences throughout my works include classic horror, electronic music, techno-culture, and my everyday neighbourhood, wherever that may be. My main aspiration is for the viewer to enter a world of oddity built of fictional and non-fictional elements in which each individual can assemble their own surreal narrative.

I am currently residing in Liverpool where I continue to draw, paint and animate.

News of Projects
“Solo Show”, Corke Gallery, Liverpool, June 2011.
“Toad’s Caravan Meeting Room Mural”, Toad’s Caravan Studio, Glasgow, February 2011.
Abstract Acid Record Label Artwork, 2010 – ongoing.
Autodidakt Record Label Artwork, 2009 – ongoing.
“Apartness – Pop Surrealism”, Recoat Gallery, Glasgow, February 2011.
“The Outsiders Group Show”, The Outsiders Gallery, London, July 2010.
“Sefton Open”, Southport, (Dick Young Award Winner), September 2007.
“New Faces 2007”, The Leith Gallery, Edinburgh, February 2007.
“Contemporary Scottish Art”, The Chambers Gallery, London, September 2006.
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have_you_closed_the_gates ben_junk
‘Have You Closed The Gates?’
Acrylic on board 77cm x 84cm
‘Ben Junk (975m)’
Acrylic on board 77cm x 84cm
one_night_squid_stand_small welcome_to_the_club
‘One Night Squid Stand’
Pencil 20cm x 30cm
‘Welcome To The Team’
Acrylic on board 60cm x 120cm
kommaanah cyber_dance_1
Pencil 24.5cm x 18.5cm
‘Cyber Dance 3D’
Digital Concept Art’