Fitzsimmons, Nicola

imageNicola Fitzsimmons


Nicola Fitzsimmons

BA Fine Art- 1st Class Honours


I am concerned with making art that responds to the mundane aspects of everyday living. I am attempting to translate this through my exploration of colour, repetition and materiality through an interest in producing work that is informed by painting, sculpture and installation but that does not necessarily conform to any of the three exclusively.

I use common materials such as adhesive tape, assorted paper/card and attempt to create pieces that are aesthetically stimulating yet conceptually challenging. I am very much interested in repetition and find that the use of repeated forms is a natural occurrence in my work and something I wish to explore further.

Working for the past year in an administrative role has fuelled my interest in routine and small acts that are repeated and recur as part of a daily performance. I have also developed an interest in the functions of the objects designed to carry out these daily tasks, for example; photocopiers, shredders, staples, hole-punchers, franking machines.

I am currently experimenting with the functions that such objects perform and developing systems from which I hope to create a body of engaging new artwork. I find that over the past year that I have struggled but ultimately succeeded in maintaining my art practice alongside a full time job. I feel that creating this balance through necessity has actually developed the line of enquiry I am currently exploring within my practice. I have reached a point where I am ready to engage myself in my practice fully and confidently through continued experimentation and a series of exhibitions.


Sept 2005 Polished T Gallery “Remake”

April 2005 Goston Gallery “Day by Day”

July 2004 Manchester Met Degree Show “Specto”

June 2004 Islington Mill Gallery “Abstractions”

July 2001 Warsaw Gallery “Five Girls and a Boy”

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‘Coral Tape’
Degree Show
‘Hole-Punch Revisited’
‘Unwanted Letter’
‘Paper Planes’
‘Staple Council Flat’