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Doran, Katherine

Katherine Doran
Painting, Drawing



Katherine Doran


Graduated from Liverpool Hope University in 2004 – BA Hons Fine Art with English


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I graduated from Liverpool Hope University in 2004 with a BA Hons degree in Fine Art with English.

My work is a combination of abstract paintings and drawings based on random and accidental mark making with more detail added later. Some of my drawings are based on hanging fabrics and paper constructions. For the paintings I worked in a different style, they have layering and a gradual building up of images with flowing and blending of colours. Other paintings are inspired by nature or photographs that capture my interest. I am influenced by Surrealist painting, automatic drawing and psychedelic art.

The paintings and drawings have an ambiguous quality, I feel that they are open to interpretation, people may see a number of images within them, such as landscapes, water, sky, figures, plants or animal/insect forms.

I also enjoy producing life drawings and illustrations.

Work exhibited on on-line gallery


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