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Disley, Phil

imagePhil Disley


Phil Disley

BA hons Graphic Design


During my twelve years as an Illustrator my work has continuously changed and evolved, along with the processes and methods to produce and deliver artworks.

In the early years my new fangled fax machine delivered simple naive line roughs. This was followed by a dash to the Post Office with my finished artwork!

Today things are a little different. The marks have become more assured and sophisticated and the commissions have moved away from the horoscope pages of Women’s Magazines to the weightier pages of the Broadsheets. Most clients now require their artwork digitally with deadlines cut to the bone. These new challenges have simplified my thought process and drawing style to the key elements.

In contrast my commitment to several monthly magazines and book publishers has the advantage of more relaxed time constraints and room for experimentation. This I believe has given me the best of both worlds.

I have a number of ongoing projects, such as:

Financial Times Wry Society column for ‘how to spend it magazine’
The Guardian Comment & Debate drawings
Classic FM ‘Hall Of Fame’ column
The Spectator covers
Ace Tennis Magazine Richard Eaton column
Decanter wine illustrations

Solo exhibition of drawings from ‘Ace Tennis Magazine’ held at The Liverpool International Tennis Event 2006.
Talks are under way to exhibit some similar drawings at the All England Lawn Tennis Club during Wimbledon 2007.

Group exhibitions include Best of British Illustration Images exhibitions 20, 23, 24, 25 & 28 all held at The Royal College of Art.

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
Mozart ( Classic FM)
This chameleon can bite (Spectator cover)
Stuffed (The Times T2 cover)
Loft conversion (Bond Magazine, Amsterdam)
Sly (Us Magazine USA)
Neoconservative (The Guardian)