Dean, Graham

Sleeper 2009

Graham Dean

Graham Dean



1968-70 Laird School of Art, Birkenhead
1970-73 Bristol Polytechnic, Faculty of Art and Design


Graham Dean’s paintings use the figure not in a literal way but more as a vehicle to convey ideas, emotions and psychological states. Whilst his works are representational, they escape the illustrative through his ability to draw a broader meaning from the deeply personal.

Employing a technique that he calls “reverse archaeology”, Graham Dean transforms the conventional use of watercolour painting. Contrasting layers of paint are laid separately onto porous handmade Indian paper, achieving a density and brilliance of colour that is visceral in its effects, merging the figure with the organic process of paint spreading through paper. Sections from several different versions of the same composition are torn away and reassembled in a form of collage, lending each image a rawness and immediacy which supports the emotive and dramatic qualities of the works. ‘He calls his figures ‘holding pens’ for emotion.

Graham Dean has exhibited internationally now for over 25 years and his work is in many private and public collections throughout the world.

The next solo exhibition ‘Thinking Bodies’ , will be at Waterhouse & Dodd, 26 Cork St, London W1 from 19th October to 15th November 2005. There will be a full colour catalogue. Exhibition details from Jamie Anderson on 0207 734 7800 or
Too many to list here. See Graham’s website for full chronology.


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Shoreline 2009
Bound 2009 watercolour on paper
Night swimming 2000 watercolour on Indian paper
In Between 2003-7 watercolour on Indian paper
Sleeper 2009
White Noise 2007 watercolour on Indian paper