Cunningham, Jennie

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Jennie Cunningham

Painter, Filmmaker



Jennie Cunningham



BA Hons Graphic Design/Illustration (First)
Post Grad. Cert Animation & Sound Design
Norwich School of Art & Design

Painter and filmmaker

Working as a photographer for many years, then studying Graphic Design and Illustration at Norwich School of Art, Jennie paintings have a strong graphic style with diverse influences feeding her work.

‘This abstract series of paintings is inspired by the textures, symbols, shapes and light of the urban landscape. I am interested in balancing contrast, shape and colour in my work. Working in oils allows me to work with a slow drying material that can be layered, rubbed away and scratched into. The finished look can in some cases resemble an etching. I use thick ply board rather than canvas for my paintings because its heavy-duty surface allows expressive freedom and durability when marking the surface in this way. The finished paintings are thick and heavy taking on a more sculptural quality which I like.’

27th Feb 2007 – 25th March 2007 Selected artists at Cadogan Contemporary, LondonNews:
June 2007 Summer Show at Cadogan Contemporary, London6th October 2007 – 17th November 2007 The Importance of Narrative, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, UK

2008 From Innocence to Experience, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, UK

The paintings shown here were exhibited at the Cadogan Contemporary Art Gallery in London .


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