Culley, Derek

in the name of science
Derek Culley



Derek Culley

Derek Culley b.1952 –

Self-taught artist, born and educated in Dublin, with an Irish father and English mother.
Culley did his masters degree in marketing through Brunel University, 1992-94, his dissertation subject being “Marketing of Contemporary visual arts in Britain – are there lessons to be learned from Europe?”

Culley was a founder member and chairman of Celtic Vision with the painters John Bellany and Denis Bowen, and participated in the group’s exhibition tour in 1986-7. He took part in many other group shows including The London Group tour 1987; Knapp Gallery, 1988:
2000 Years Celebration, Customs House Dublin, 1991;
Modern Irish Painting, Dillon Gallery, 1995; and Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art, Republic of Macedonia, 1996.

Solo shows include “Five Years of Culley” The Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin Ireland, 1989, and The Irish Club, London 1996.
Strong chiaroscuro, heavy impasto, vigorous brushwork and direct, expressive handling were characteristics of Culley’s work, in which Celtic imagery and associations were important.
Lived in Windsor, Berkshire.”

The Dictionary of Artists in Britain since 1945.
By David Buckman
Art Dictionaries Limited, Bristol 1998

What the Critics said…

Group Shows
1985     Windsor Fringe Festival     Windsor1986     Celtic Vision Tour
Conde Ducqe Gallery     Madrid
Kiosko Alfonso     La Coruna
Crawford Art Gallery     Cork
Glasgow Arts Centre     Glasgow

1987     Celtic Vision Tour
Orial Mostyn     Llandudno
Bede Gallery     Jarrow
Newlyn Gallery     Penzance
Chapter Gallery     Cardiff
P.A.R.C.     Nantes

1987     London Group Tour
(Selected non-member)
Royal College of Art     London
Windsor Festival     Windsor
Bede Gallery     Jarrow
1987     Triskell Arts Centre     Cork
Diorama Gallery     London

1988     Bank of Ireland
Exhibition Centre     Dublin
Knapp Gallery     London
Kunst Palast     Dusseldorf

1990     Knapp Gallery     London
Oxford Art Week ’90
“Painting Park”
(Selected Artist)     Oxford

1991     ‘Festival of Work and Play ‘
Connelly Hall –
Liberty Hall     Dublin
2000 Years Celebration
Customs House     Dublin
Oxford Art Week ’91
“Painting Park”
(Selected Artist)     Oxford
Dobbins of Dublin
Cultural Capital
Celebrations     Dublin

1992     Erin Cara Exhibition
World Trade Centre     Montreal
Centre of Contemporary Art     Ontario
House of James Gallery     Galway
Kilkenny People Gallery     Kilkenny

1993     The Pantheon Gallery     Dublin
(Selected Artist)
The L.A. Art Fair     Los Angeles

1994     Art Colony Galicnik     Macedonia
Montreuil Culture     France

1995     Modern Irish Paintings
Dillon Gallery

1996     Skopje Museum of Contempoary Art     Republic of Macedonia
1996     Dillon Gallery     London
1996     S.H.I.T.E. The Old Library Alternative     Windsor

1999     Skopje Museum of Contempoary Art     Republic of Macedonia

2000     Irish Arts Fair RDS     Dublin

2006     Digital Show-The Independents-Liverpool Biennial 2006     On Line exhibition + showcased-
The Walker Gallery Liverpool

One Man Shows
1985     Windsor Arts Centre     Windsor

1989     Wolfson College     Oxford
Royal Hospital Kilmainham     Dublin

1990     Galerie am Buttermarkt     Koln
The United Arts Club     Dublin

1990     The George Gallery     Dublin
Montague Ltd

1994     The Green Room     London
The United Arts Club     Dublin

1996     The Irish Club     London

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