Cox, Sarah

Sarah Cox
Mixed Media


Sarah Cox

BSc Hons Textiles with Marketing
HND Fine Art
Undertaking an MA by Creative Practice in Painting/Textiles at Hope University, Liverpool

Mixed Media

As both artist and scientist, Cox appreciates and interprets the subtleties of the natural environment, with an increasing desire to draw a tangible part of the landscape into her artwork by incorporating natural resources into her pieces.

During recent research, the artist’s intention has been to gain a thorough understanding of the use and application of natural pigments and dyestuffs and their techniques in relation to fine art painting and textiles.

At present, Cox is working with microscopy – viewing dyes and pigments under polarized light and exploring the images on a series of large scale canvases.

Working towards completion of MA by Creative Practice, Hope University Assistant Curator at South Bohemia Gallery, Liverpool

Developing workshops with Halewood Environmental Centre, Liverpool for the 2007 Big Draw

‘Work In Progress’ MA Interim Exhibition – June 2007
Exhibited with the Nova Group, Arena Galleries – June 2006
Participated in various workshops and residencies throughout the UK and Europe
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all my colours tell a story
arran tryptych
All My Colours Tell a Story – Natural pigments and tempera
Arran Triptych – Part of a triptych – Natural pigments, tempera and found objects
dyed sample
Dyed Sample – Onion skins, dyed fabric and found beads
Working Drawing of Shell – Pen, ink and crayon