Cox, Jean

man with flowers
Jean Cox
Painting, Ceramics


Jean Cox

M.A. Design (ceramics) 2001
H.N.D. 3D Design (Ceramics) 1991
Foundation Art and Design 1989

Painting and Ceramics

Although I am fascinated by human form and shape, and by personalities and interactions, my work is not restricted to the figurative.

I use memory, feelings or observations as a starting point and as I work I draw together an association of ideas so that my work is never totally representational of any one place or circumstance.

I want my work to be suggestive, with space for ambiguity, so that each individual viewer will form different opinions and judgements about my work as they make their own associations from their own memories

My latest work is heavily influenced by my some of my ceramic constructions. They express some of my feelings about the different roles we can experience at different times in our lives, how we might sometimes assume different identities. We might be compelled to wear a tie or a uniform or assume authority or provide a service, but underneath we are delicate, fragile, vulnerable, sensitive, strong and fun-loving, and we are all different.

Above all the paintings are fun and open to individual interpretations.

Liverpool People’s Centre Gallery – June 2006
Cafe D’Art, Formby. Oct 2006

My ceramics have been included in exhibitions at The Atrium in the Royal Liver Building, at Quiggins Open, Skelmersdale Arts Centre and at the Old Crock New Pots exhibition in the Grosvener museum Chester

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constructed negotiations
man with flowers
‘Constructed Negotiations’ Acrylic on canvas 85 x 77 cm
‘Man with Flowers 2’ -acrylic on canvas 92×103 cm
fragmented clay figures
designs for a man
‘Fragmented Clay Figures’ – 36 & 48 cm
‘Designs for a Man’ Ink on canvas 61 x 48 cm
man with flowers
constructed negotiations 2
‘Man with Flowers’ – mixed media on canvas 81×71 cm
‘Constructed Negotiations 2’ Acrylic on canvas 85 x 77 cm