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Ed Chapman has a style that is instantly recognisable and he has completed mosaics in paper, metal and the more familiar medium of ceramic tile.Specialising in portraiture, his incredibly accurate work is the result of hours of painstaking effort. The work needs to be looked at up close to appreciate the quality that has been achieved. His portraits in ceramic tile are constructed often with up to 2,000 fragments, each carefully placed in position and the edges of each portrait are tiled in the same colour as the background to finish the work.He says: ‘The mosaics are very intricate and it can take days to complete even a small area of finer work. ‘

‘I have studied the technique in depth and attempt to bring the medium of mosaic into the 21st Century with my use of colour, sizes of mosaic pieces and different colours of grout. That’s why most of the subjects are modern icons. ‘

‘The mosaic medium produces striking and interesting results, particularly with portraits, where the effects are dramatic and impressive. The fragmented results represent the fragmented nature of our lives and our own unique make-up. No two mosaics could ever look exactly the same.’

He adds: ‘The work is never finished until it is finished, right until the last piece is in place. In this respect, there is no room for error.’

‘I am constantly thinking of new ideas and new subjects I would like to turn into mosaics. I am never short of ideas and am pleased to consider any commission. I have a hundred ideas for the future and I am always interested to hear new proposals. ‘


‘My influences come from everywhere for myriad reasons. A few that come to mind are Chuck Close, Robert Rauschenberg, Jamie Reid, Vik Muniz, Picasso, Anton Pieck, MC Escher, Ed Dulac’s “The Entomologist’s Dream” Simon Patterson’s “Great Bear”, Vaughan-Williams, Bob Dylan, The Doors’ first album, Erik Satie, Kurt Cobain, Sex Pistols, Berlin, London, cities generally, architectural wonders, Scrabble, Monopoly, history, films, TV, women, photographs, stars, ghosts, dreams, etc.’

September: ArTzu Gallery, Manchester – “Parental Guidance”
July – Cetra Gallery, Wirral – “Off the Wall”
April-May: ArTzu Gallery, Manchester – “Heroes & Villains”*
March: Affordable Art Fair, London2005:
November: ArTzu Gallery Manchester – “Big Shots” ceramic mosaics
July: Liverpool Academy of Art – “Ladies and Gentlemen…”*
March: Affordable Art Fair, London2004:
August: Mendocino Art Center , Mendocino , California , USA , exhibition of new work*

* solo exhibition

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george w bush
George W. Bush 90x62cm – ceramic tile on board
Diana 90x62cm – ceramic tile on board
john lennon image
ziggy stardust
John Winston Lennon
62x58cm – ceramic tile on board
Ziggy Stardust
69x62cm – ceramic tile on board
lennon and mccartney
tupac shakur
Lennon & McCartney
122x62cm – ceramic tile on board
Tupac Shakur
62x76cm – ceramic tile on board