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Metropolis-100Stephen Chan
Illustration / Character Design / Graphic Design



Stephen Chan


Illustration / Character Design / Graphic Design

Stephen’s unique and detailed illustration style is mainly self taught. “I try to implement as much detail and make the illustration as fun and interesting as possible,” he says. “It’s character driven, and often involves large, isometric detailed landscapes and scenery.” 

Over the last year Stephen has been working as a freelance Illustrator/Graphic Designer with clients such as Tiger Beer, IdN, Boxbird Gallery and Enigmatic Jewellery, etc.

He is also one of the founding members of design portal Thunder Chunky, specialising in showcasing new and innovate work by a variety of international artists, and the Renmen Project, a charity using the powers of design and illustration to make a difference to the world.

Stephen is also a Tiger AKA (Asian Kinetic Artist) apart of the Tiger Beer, Tiger Translate project, and a Artist at Blood Sweat Vectors, a vector artist collective with the likes of J3 Concepts, 123Klan and Niark1, etc.

His work has been in several magazines and exhibited nationally and internationally, in Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, London, Berlin, Boston, Tokyo and Guatemala.

Dec 2010: UK | Start Gallery | Inkygoodness ‘Dreamboat’ Exhibition | Group show 

Nov 2010: UK | Smart Festival 2010 | Group show

Sep 2010: UK | East Gallery | Inkygoodness ‘Play’ Exhibition | Group show

July 2010: UK | Toe Fluff Charity Show | Group show

May 2010: UK | Leaf Cafe | Liverpool Sound City | Fallout Factory Exhibition | Group show

May 2010: UK | Liverpool Sound City | Screenadelica Exhibition | Group show

May 2010: UK | Boxbird Gallery | A-B Exhibition | Group show

Nov 2009: Germany | West Berlin Gallery | Blood Sweat Vector ‘First Exhibition’ | Group show

Sep 2009: USA | Boston Digi Gallery | Editions ‘Power in numbers’ Exhibition | Group show

April 2009: UK | Bohdi Gallery | Editions ‘Power in numbers’ Exhibition | Group show

April 2009: UK | Boxbird Gallery | Cinemascope Exhibition | Group show

Sep 2008: UK | London Tiger Beer | Tiger Translate ‘Voyage’ Exhibition | Event

May 2008: Guatemala | Capiusa Festival | ‘Make Design ! Not War !’ Exhibition | Shortlisted

March 2008: Japan | Tokyo Café Pause | Speakerdog ‘The Greatest Hits’ Exhibition | Group show

July 2007: UK | Manchester International Festival | Playstation Exhibition | Don’t Panic ‘Innovation’ Competition | Winner

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