Chambers, Claire

Claire Chambers


Claire Chambers

2006 BA (Hons) Graphic Fine Art, University of East London.
2003 HND Art & Design, Liverpool Community College.


My recent work has mainly evolved around the concept of photographing or documenting not what I can see, but what I can’t , developing a technique with the camera to pick up moments which bypass us but because of the nature of the photographic process the camera is able to pick up and record for me. Working in this way can be very frustrating at times, because (particularily working on 35mm) you don’t know what you will get and I’ve had countless rolls of film come back completely over exposed and ruined, but I guess it makes it all the sweeter when you get an image that is perfect and completely unexpected.

For the past year and a half I’ve been working on a project around the theme of Personal Daemons, inspired in part by the work of Francis Bacon — an artist who has always intrigued me — particularly the way that he views the world and how he translates this on to the canvas. He once said that “you can’t be more horrific than life itself” — and I take that to mean the good and bad that resides within all of us — our very own personal daemons. These inner daemons come in many forms, the most common interpretations being psychological problems such as depression and schizophrenia — disorders that can completely dominate the sufferer’s existence, and there is no escape from it, but they can come in many forms, addiction being another prime example. My main aim is to translate visually my own personal daemon and the impact that it had on me

Currently working on taking my daemons project from photographic stills to a stop frame animation, very lengthy process, but i’m determined to get there!
  • 2007 tbc, Henry Street, Liverpool (opening 30th August!)
  • 2006 Grizedale Arts ‘Salon’, Greenland Street, Liverpool.
  • 2006 ‘Red Dot’, 52 Roscoe St, Liverpool.
  • 2006 ‘Round One Way’, 11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool (Independants at the Liverpool Biennial).
  • 2006 GFA Graduate Exhibition, AVA Gallery, London.
  • 2006 ‘Interim’, AVA Gallery, London.
  • 2005 End of Year Show, AVA Gallery, London.
  • 2005 ‘Debut’, AVA Gallery, London.
  • 2004 ’10×10′, Eggspace, Liverpool (as part of the Liverpool Biennial).
  • 2003 ‘Splash X’, Eggspace, Liverpool.
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1 image
1. from ‘Inner Daemons’, Digital photograph (2006)
2. from ‘Inner Daemons’ final project, I made a set of inkblots from the photographs, digital image (2006)
3 image
4 image
3. from ‘Painting with Light: Emma, 35mm photograph (2005)
4. from ‘Painting with Light: Emma, 35mm photograph (2005)
5 image
6 image
5. from ‘Painting with Light, 35mm photograph (2004)
6. from ‘Painting with Light, 35mm photograph (2004)