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Peter Carr



Peter Carr is a young but experienced professional photographer from  Merseyside. A university graduate and former professional web designer.

His passion is simply photography. From the beauty of landscapes to  the atmosphere of a gig to the lines in architecture. Capturing life  and creating bold images is what drives him.

He has recently been featured on the BBC Northwest News, published in  calendars, magazines including one in Mexico, the BBC Merseyside  site, and has won numerous regional and national photography  competitions.

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
“Applied Energy” – Taken for a competition themed  “Painting with Light”
“End the Violence” – Taken recently at  the Condi Rice protests in Liverpool.  Its a HDR (High dynamic range)  shot composed of 3 photos.
“Country Lane” – Infrared shot of a country road on  the Wirral
“The Fourth Grace” – taken during the Biennial  ’04.  I used the Abba house to create the shot as a joke Fourth Grace
“Albert Docks” – Taken during the Narrow Boat  display at the Mersey River Festival.
“Liverpool 08” – A random walk offered the  opportunity to capture the Liverpool 08 logo with a busy street to  show Liverpool as a city with energy.