Carlin, Casey & Niki

Contact Info: Black Glass Studios
Twitter: @B_G_Studios
Address: Black Glass Studios
(Hazlehurst Studios)
73a High Street,
Tel: 07841 744 133

We are a husband and wife team of photographers, but we also create and exhibit work as individual artists as well as collaborate as Black Glass Studios. After becoming disillusioned by the almost clinical sterility of flawless digital images, we found ourselves drawn to antiquated photographic and printing techniques.  The core of our practice quickly became centred on the ‘wet plate collodion’ technique which was pioneered in the mid 1800’s. This captivating process sees a sheet of glass or metal transformed by silver and light into one of the most enigmatic forms of photography you will ever see, creating truly unique, one off images; even digital reproductions of the plate can only hint at the magical qualities the image/object itself possesses.

After numerous requests from members of the public who had seen our work, we have now extended our business to include portrait commissions where we encourage our clients to work creatively with us to produce either a traditional style portrait or something truly unique and individual.

Our aim is to introduce people to an alternative view of what photography can offer them, through fine art exhibitions, workshops, community art projects and private commissions.