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Illustration, Photo-collage, Photoshop


Chris Butler

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Bachelor of Divinity, Heythrop College, University of London. 1996.

Illustration, Photo-collage, Photoshop

Chris Butler has no formal art training but secured his first job as an illustrator aged seventeen. He entered some of his work in a contest at a TV convention and ended up in the conference centre bar discussing terms with a sci-fi magazine editor. He was subsequently commissioned by Space Voyager magazine to illustrate a series of cult celebrity interviews.
From 2002 he has worked full time as an artist and illustrator. He has worked with decorative artist Tony Raymond, assisting on design schemes, murals and trompe l’oeil for several large houses and stately homes in the UK and Ireland. Tony was instrumental in encouraging Chris to devote himself to a full time art career and remains a strong influence.
From 2004 he has specialised in digital imagery. To date, he has illustrated two oracle decks and five tarot decks. Two of these, The Quantum Tarot and the Universe Cards (second edition) were in collaboration with Kay Stopforth. The Quantum Tarot will be published by Kunati Books in September 2008.
Chris’s photoshop work often begins with photographic sources but the finished results are far from photo-realistic. His style makes use of multiple layering, semi transparency and a variety of special effects to create dream like fantasy images. He brings the eye of a surrealist painter to the digital pen and tablet.
Along the way, Chris has also worked as a catering manager and a railway station manager. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Heythrop College, University of London.
The Quantum Tarot will be published in September 2008 by Kunati Books and is available for order/pre-order from Amazon.

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