Brown, Kevin

Kevin Brown
Painting, Mixed Media


Kevin Brown

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Painting and mixed media

In 1993 I lived for a year on a small island in Scotland called Holy island ( as a buddhist monk under tibetan refuge lamas. My art is influenced by undercurrents which linger from the experiences and altered states experienced during meditation training in a semi retreat situation in a largely unspoilt natural environment. I have lived in Liverpool since then and am now a house husband with three kids

I like to experiment/play with paint, other media and my own experiences.

The artworks I produce are often the result of a long drawn out thought process, the expression of an acquired obsession. Works are created sporadically usually during a period of change or altered arousal.
The media i choose often depends on what i see around me at the time I need to create, I prefer to use what I already have.

My art is an expression of my thoughts, mainly questions…..sometimes I pause……

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
Icecream Mountain Acrylic on MDF 111cm by 111cm
Mother Teresa collage aprox size 1.5m by 1m
self portrait 1994 watercolour, charcoal and pencil on paper aprox size 75cm by 50cm
Teresa watercolour on paper aprox size 6cm by 5cm
The Peanut Smugglers escape to the Hilltop Retreat Lino print aprox size 10cm by 15cm