Brown, Judith

Judith Brown
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Having studied embroidery I have taken a simple stitching technique and pushed it beyond the boundaries of textiles to create original jewellery. I began working with wire in 2004 in order to develop a way of working that would highlight the stitch itself. I use fine wire and treat it as thread, stitching without fabric to make intricate forms which hold their form over time, yet are still seemingly delicate.

My latest collection of floral designs captures the drama of large flowers along with the fragility of soft petals. Observing from nature I have developed the basic stitching techniques I use to include three dimensional elements, creating pieces which reflect the delicacy and beauty of real flowers.

Some of my work incorporates found objects. My Vintage Collection uses recycled 100 year old mother of pearl vintage buttons, mostly from the Edwardian era, to create unusual and often unique jewellery. In our throw away society I want to highlight the simple beauty of such everyday objects, once so precious as to have been hoarded away by our grandmothers in the times of “make do and mend”.