Kelly Broughton
Mixed Media, Drawing



Kelly Broughton

BA(Hons) Embroidery 2:1 Foundation art and design, Distinction.

Mixed Media Drawing
My work examines the reality of the human condition. I aim to catch the character of my model as seen through my emotions, encapsulating a specific moment in time. Working instinctively I use a variety of materials that are available to me. Using a combination of new and found materials I create mixed media drawings. My drawing gives the surfaces a function beyond their initial intended purpose. I give their history a significance. Through combining hand stitch processes in the work I assess the relationship between drawn and stitch marks. Drawing is my passion without it my work would not exist.

Being trained in embroidery I have sort to use traditional techniques in a contemporary way. I use traditional techniques with unconventional materials. I use hand stitch as a way to manipulate my model. The stitch has the power to restrict and control. In combining the traditionally female craft of embroidery with masculine materials I assess the representation of the female in a male dominated society, while also assessing my own existence as a female.

Alongside my drawing I keep a collection of sketchbooks where I experiment with new techniques and media. Through experimenting in this way I develop work based on surface qualities, experimentation and ideas. My experimentation is the foundation of my work and is the start of many of my ideas.

Dukes, Castlefield, Manchester, Aug – Sept 2006

Artlink, Stockport Art Gallery, Cheshire, Sept-Nov 2005.

Stockport Open exhibition, Stockport Art Gallery, Cheshire, July-Sept 2005.

Manchester Metropolitan University open studios, June 2005.


all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
‘Embrace’ mixed media drawing on paper.
‘Figure study’ Graphite on board with stitched detail.
neck study
‘Neck study’ Graphite on board with stitched detail.
‘Portrait’ mixed media on board.
reclining figure
seen and heard
‘Reclining figure’ Pencil on board.
‘Seen and heard’ mixed media.


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