Bishop, Tony

Tony Bishop

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Tony Bishop was born in St Helens, Merseyside, England in 1959. He works in mixed med, which idividually consists of different types of metals, woods, and any found or reclaimed materials he can get his hands on.

He will use them on either canvas or timber and then use this as a base to create his paintings, generally using acrylics, oils or gloss to add tone and colour and retain a nice amount of soul to the pieces. The methods he uses gives his work a unique, contemporary and modern feel with an abstract, urban edge which combined with today’s minimalistic living designs work perfectly giving a gritty and striking visual finish to either a residential, recreational, or commercial developments.
Tony believes that in one way or another we should all learn to create. Let it be music, sculpture, a song – anything! In his case, a work of art. He believes it’s a perfect way to express yourself and let your feelings be known.

He thinks by using your own unique imagination and creativity it gives beauty or a feeling of well being. That can be a very powerful and rewarding experience which can enrich our lives for the better. Expressing yourself in a form of creativity also helps with a number of general lifestyle issues that can ultimately be released onto a blank canvas of whatever art form you take pleasure in doing. This is an important thing to channel over the course of your life, and what better way than in the form of art?