Bianchini, Gianni

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Gianni Bianchini



I am an Italian photographer based in Liverpool, UK. I was born in south Italy in a small town close to the countryside and the sea. I am a self-taught photographer and I have been doing photography since 1992.I started with an old film camera of my brother. It was all automatic. Shutter, aperture, focus. I remember the magic when I set my first dark room and was spending so many hours developing and printing photos. In the dark, with a small red light. And the lights… and the shadows… coming out slowly from the chemicals.

For years I have done black and white photos of silent places. Places without people and no apparent life. Abandoned ruins, empty spaces, old factories, architecture and buildings… I tried to discover their secrets. Their untold stories…

Then one day I decided to put my old camera in a drawer and buy a new digital one. This was a new beginning. From that moment I found more interest in people photography and started working with colours.

I produce now photos of fashion, portraits, artistic nude, bands and performers, and I enjoy to experiment HDR photography with the landscape.


The subjects and the style of my photography have radically changed now… but its core… the fascination and the passion I have for this art still remain the same…

‘A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.’ – Diane Arbus



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The-Octopus-300 Waterfall-300
‘The Octopus’ ‘Waterfall’
Blue-Silence-300 Iris-300
‘Blue Silence’ ‘Iris’
Autumn-Lights-300 Becky-at-the-Docks-300
‘Autumn Lights’ ‘Becky at the Docks’