Beattie, Brian

Peaceful Harbour

Brian Beattie
Painting impasto acrylic

Brian Beattie



Painting impasto acrylic


No formal tuition apart from my passion for art and painting.
After early encouragement by the late Liverpool Artist and Poet Adrian Henri who taught me art at secondary school and also endeavoured to get me into Southport art college in 1963 without success.For the last four years have been attending art classes under the careful eye of professional Artist Roy Munday whom with I have developed my present style and technique of impasto acrylic applied with pallet knife.

At present working hard on more coastal works which I feel are developing very well.

Solo Exhibitions past.

R Gallery Eastbank St Southport.
24-7 Oct 2008.

Liverpool Academy Of Arts Seel St Liverpool.
Bags and Baggage.


The Gallery Clayton Square, Liverpool.
From Pavements to Parasols.

Gostins Hanover St Liverpool.
Interpratations June-July 2010.

Group Exhibition,  SPECTRUM.
25-29 October 2010.

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Fish on a Plate
Peaceful Harbour
The Kitchen (2)
The Kitchen
The Student