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Badger, Mike

Mike Badger
Sculpture (also CD Album Design and Collage )


Mike Badger



Sculpture (also CD Album Design and Collage )

I have always tied in being resourceful with my creativity- The cast offs of our consumer society provide a vast array of materials to work with, I work intuitively and instinctively to make recycled sculptures from Tin and Found Objects.

This is exciting as you never know what you are going to find, in some ways the sculptures make themselves, I just act like a catalyst for the event to take place.

On top of this it is an environmentally friendly way of working and illustrates what can be done with what is thrown away. Through ‘Recycling and Reinterpretation’- what the world considers to be surplus to requirements can be given new life.

Continuing School/ College and Community Recycled Art Workshops/ Go! Penguins
Soon to be part of a group Recycled Art Exhibition at The Vitreum (Merchant Taylors School for Girls)
Lost and Found Exhibitions (one man show) – Warrington Museum Bristol Museum
Leicester City Gallery
‘Transformations’ Pitt Rivers Museum (Oxford)
Atkinson Gallery Southport
Installation artist Mersey River Festivals.
Memory Block (English Heritage)
Go! Superlambananas/ Go! Penguins .

ITV This Morning 1998
Blue Peter 1999
Prince of Wales Arts and Kids Foundation 2006
Artst in Residence ITV Granada 2006-2007
Superlambananas 2008