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Aigelsreiter, Sue

Sue Aigelsreiter
Painter (Contemporary)

Sue Aigelsreiter

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BA Hons in Design History with Practice

Painting (Contemporary)

Contemporary artist and designer Sue Aigelsreiter gained a BAHons in Design History with Practice in 1996. She was shortlisted for the Liverpool John Moores Exhibition of Contemporary Art in 2004 and her work has gained interest nationally and internationally. The focus of her art concentrates on concepts of history, architecture, infinity, moments in time, vastness of space, which she employs either individually or collectively in her work.

Beachfront Series: Although it has a natural transience, the English coastal area is still a part of England which remains essentially unspoilt and the same, in times when, in contrast, the country’s national identity is rapidly undergoing man-made change. The Beachfront Series of paintings symbolises the unchanging sunny seaside idyll and all things beach-related – endless sand, sea and sky, the railings, steps and lifebuoys, under the effect of strong light and shade.

Classical Series: In these paintings, as history and the remnants of historical events and buildings are hard to preserve, or are threatened with further deterioration or destruction by outside influences, the artist set out to capture a sense of the historical past in a moment from present time, in order to retain a record of the architecture, town planning and culture of part of the world’s heritage.

Liverpool Series: The classical architecture combined with its more modern constructions make Liverpool one of the most architecturally rich cities in Britain. In its Capital of Culture Year 2008, the artist has given a fresh image to some of Liverpool’s famous buildings.