Adams, Elaine

Elaine Adams
Textile Art
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Elaine originally trained as a Graphic Designer and has taught Art and Design for 25 years.

Her work is inspired by organic forms in the natural world with an emphasis on coastal and landscape areas. The untamed landscape around Snowdonia, the Black Mountains, Cumbria, the Peak District and the rugged and wild Cornish coast provides her with a wealth of visual and tactile stimuli. Elaine is particularly inspired by the natural flow of water and the constantly changing light and its impact on the landscape.

Each piece is individually made using pure wools which are traditionally hand felted and embellished through a variety of stitching, both hand and machined. Silk and flax are also blended with the wool and beading is sometimes used to further enhance the tactile qualities of the felt work.

“Landscape Art has always been a focus in my work. I often seek Inspiration from the atmospheric paintings of Turner through to David Hockney’s recent vivid paintings inspired by the East Yorkshire landscape. The broad sweep of a landscape or coastline and the fleeting effects of light on colour impacts strongly on my work. I endeavour to capture this using the visual and highly tactile nature of natural materials to present the viewer with a connection to the spectacular landscape found within and around the British Isles.”