talk-jamie-100TUESDAY 25 May 2010 at 19.30, Upstairs at the Bluecoat
The theme of the 2010 Liverpool Biennial International exhibition will be Touched. Touched will present artwork that affects the viewer through addressing a total context – mind, body and place; relatedness in space and time. Invited artist Jamie Isenstein will be in Liverpool on her first research visit for the international exhibition. Free admission

Isenstein is based in New York and her work deals with moments of flux in sculpture and performance, where one becomes the other. In Arm Chair, 2006 Isenstein’s legs are the front chair legs, her arms the chair arms. She makes the chair stand upright and allows the possibility to sit on both the chair and the artist, when she leaves the chair it collapses.  The body and the inanimate object fuse.

In 2009 Isenstein was included in Marina Abramović Presents at the Manchester International Festival.

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