‘Work in Progress’ at South Bohemia


Review of ‘Work in Progress’.
Masters by Creative Practice Interim Exhibition, Students from Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, England.
Written by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.
Photographs by Tony Knox.
02 June 2007.

‘Work in Progress’ is an interim exhibition at the South Bohemia Gallery (Liverpool, England), which platforms the art researched and developed by Masters students in Creative Practice students from Liverpool Hope University.

The collection of art is not of a finished nature, but to provide insight in the creative research of each student in their professional and academic practice.

The students in this exhibition include Laura Baxter, Deb Barber, Maria Bennett, Natalie Bennett, Sarah Cox, Jo Derbyshire, Richard Dunbar, Davia Gauryte, Emma Gilmour, Amanda Jones, Sarah Lawton, Bowei Liand, Andy Small and Dave Woods.

Laura Baxter produced a constructed image on the theme of domestic violence. This is viewed through a keyhole in a black box to convey the shame and surreptitious nature of this subject. This piece is both sculptural and an installation where the audience can view and interact in this work.

Maria Bennett created sculptures from white fabric twisted into cone shapes. This was titled ‘Twin Sisters’ and each one has visible printed text, which when read seem like deconstructed poems.

Natalie Bennett presented four framed abstract pieces.. Each of these are formed by areas of abstract colours and layers with mark making techniques, some with fragmented phrases and others with naïve commentary. These denote ambiguous and autobiographical expressions by the artist.

Sarah Cox’s works are made with different media and explores tonality and texture. On one there is an array of mixed yarn with the words ‘Copper Mordanted’, meaning each section of yarn has been treated with fixed dyes. The other piece similarly shows a palette of various treatments of media. This collection is an exploration of the artists’ interests in the diversification of colour in different materials.

Jo Derbyshire’s has explored the concepts of gestural painting in her abstract expressions. There is a large white canvas with intricate layers of paint dripped across the surface. She refers to her other research of live art, which considers the innate relationship of time, space and human intervention in the series ‘When the City Speaks’.

Davia Gauryte shows mono-tonal abstractions formed by intrinsic marks to reference architectural constructs. The layers of marks in tonality reference to the temporal experience of spatiality.

Emma Gilmour and Amanda Jones have researched collaboratively in their art. These are digital modified photographic stills, which relate to their video work. The transformations are adapted with satirical notations on culture in the urban space.

Sarah Lawton’s art is a computer that transmitted form Salem NY, which she herself is participating in the Iron Symposium.

Andy Small’s took iconic imagery of the canons in art of portraiture and landscapes and fused the two. He changed the spatial relationship of each original source to re-contextualise in contemporary arts and culture.

Dave Woods’ abstractions are present a synthesis of colour investigated through transparent surfaces. This places the art in the space it occupies, but the grades and texture of paint are reside in the picture plane and determines the apparent space it occupies as the linear perspective.

Barber, Dunbar and Liand provided support to the student collective in the curatorial management of the exhibition.

The art in this exhibition is only an investigatory platform of the work in progress. However, it provides an interesting preview of the diverse contemporary art currently being researched and developed by the students.

The exhibition runs from 01 June 2007 – 30 June 2007 at the South Bohemia Gallery.

Venue: South Bohemia Gallery, 196 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 5JT, Merseyside, England.
Tel. No.: +44(0)151 733 5120, E-mail: : peterworthington1@yahoo.co.uk (Peter Worthington (Director))

Title: Work in Progress
Curators: Natalie Bennett and Jo Derbyshire.

For further information contact:
Sarah Cox (Events Co-ordinator (Student))
E-mail: sarah.cox1976@virgin.net