Wirral Degree Show, Seaside & Kif

Me and my friend M had a lovely day out on the Wirral yesterday. Starting at…

Wirral Met Degree Show at Williamson Gallery Birkenhead

This finishes on Sunday and I’d missed the Private View. Luckily most of the students were there yesterday morning as the assessors were visiting so we were able to ask questions, which was good as there was very little documentation.
There’s only 16 artists, the Williamson gives them 5 rooms to use so there isn’t that cramped feeling you get at the degree shows held within the colleges, more like a ‘proper’ exhibition!
We really enjoyed it and spent a lot of time there. All the works must have taken a lot of time and effort, they were all very well presented.
The students/artists are Stuart Allison, Jan Brown (part of her work pictured here), Marlene Cartwright, Diana Karpova, Kwan May Ling, Jayne Hannay, Rita Harwig, Barbara Lamb, Laura Lawton, Brendan Magee, Amanda Oliphant, Netty O’Rourke, Lisa Pugh, David Sutton, Jo Swift and Jean Wayles.

Next we drove down to….

Beside the Seaside at Lady Lever Gallery

The Lady Lever is a nice gallery in the lovely village of Port Sunlight. They have a good collection of pre-raphaelites, Wedgewoods, Chinese Pottery, Tapestries as well as Period Rooms.
The seaside exhibition is in 2 small rooms, I was expecting a bit more. They are all paintings relating to the seaside by British Impressionists such as Charles Conder, Philip Wilson Steer and Walter Sickert. Mostly evocative images of the leisured classes strolling along the promenade and fully dressed women and girls in big bonnets paddling.
In an adjacent room is Picasso’s ‘Woman Seated in an Armchair’ which is on loan from Berlin. It is shown alongside Rossetti’s ‘Sibylla Palmifera’ (another seated woman) so we can contrast the two different approaches to depicting female beauty. Its a good idea, I prefer the Rossetti.

After a look round the gallery shop we had a picnic on the village green. It was very peaceful and sunny, a pleasant way to spend a summers day.

James Pagella

James Pagella and Pete Dickinson at the Kif

The evening was more lively. It was the opening of this exhibition of new works by James and Pete. The Kif is looking better than it has done for a while and I really like the new stuff. There was a barbecue in the yard (until the storm arrived!) and excellent live music from ‘A Hawk and a Hacksaw’. At 10pm we all moved onto the Marlborough pub to see Zukanican play (with the multi-talented James on drums)


  1. Nice one Jammie
    Miss ya!
    Hope you are well, drop me a line you work looks great you always impressed me with your imagination in middle st. andrews wood.
    kindest wishes and best regards


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