Watch This Space…

…is the title of the latest exhibition at the Bluecoat. Its supported by Fivearts Cities and features collaborative work from recent projects involving communities working together with artists in the city. There’s some videos about the importance of gardens, people in the Bluecoat garden talk about why they like to go there (why does the camera have to get so close? You can see what these guys have had for lunch and how many hairs they have up their noses!). The ‘WILD!’ 12ft square mural is there, it was in the Museum of Liverpool life during the Biennial now its accompanied by some lightboxes. I liked the cylindrical light boxes which are part of a response to the Liverpool Reads initiative which aims to get everyone in the city reading ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. I’m still a bit of a rebel, I’m reluctant to read any book the authorities are trying to ram down my throat. Though the project is a good idea I suppose.


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