Video – Liverpool Cathedral Bells play Lennon’s Imagine

Actually being there in front of the great cathedral with a crowd of people listening intently was quite an experience. It sounded quite melancholic and moving but it maybe doesn’t translate well onto this bit of video. The campanologists did a great job, I struggled to keep the wind and occasional spots of rain off the camera. But at least it gives some idea of the event. This is the second performance which took place at 12.30 today Saturday 16 May 2009, my first attempt at noon wasn’t so good as I struggled with the weather conditions. An excellent piece of sound art.

Following on from Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year, John Lennon’s Imagine is to ring out across Liverpool on the world’s highest and heaviest peal of bells at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral.

Futuresonic has commissioned artist Cleo Evans in collaboration with Sam Austin, Liverpool Ringing Master and other local change ringers to create this special event. This is the first time a popular, and secular, song has been played on Liverpool Cathedral’s bells, the highest and heaviest peal of bells in the world. With thirteen bells arranged around ‘Great George’, a central ringing bell which weighs over 14 tons, they can be heard for miles around. The rendition of one of Lennon’s most celebrated songs is set to become a simultaneous and collective city-wide experience.

Liverpool Cathedral, 12pm
repeat recitals 12.30pm & 1pm
Free event


  1. Brilliant – thanks for this – wasn’t able to hear from Sheffield so amazing to have a flavour of this amazing event.

  2. Thanks, know that the greatest anthem to peace was also heard in Australia via this medium.

  3. Chiming a pop song on the mightiest ring of 12 in the world. Well it left me cold. A bit like strumming mary had a little lamb on a Stradivarius. I can’t believe the Cathedral ringers wasted their time on such a trivial use of their bells.

  4. My mum and dad who are in their 80’s and have lived in Liverpool all their lives went to the cathedral just to hear it…..they thought it was wonderful.


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